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Your beard is more than just a trend or a style. We know it’s much more than that. In the search for authenticity and well-being, we serve men with determination and passion.

Demand the best for your life. Demand the best for your beard.

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Sometimes hard to tame, often weakened and always exposed to external elements, your beard protects you and deserves to be maintained on a daily basis. We put our experience, our savoir-faire and, above all, our enthusiasm into creating products that meet your requirements. Our ambition is clearly and proudly displayed: to offer you everything you need to protect and take care of your beard. Eco-friendly formulated and produced, our lines offer the virtues of components rigorously chosen for their efficiency and their benefits.

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Your beard deserves quality products

3 collections, 3 worlds of skincare for my beard

By putting our footsteps in yours, we have grasped the multiplicity of your desires and needs. Our collections are available in different inspirations, different vibes. Are you looking for beard oil, soap for men or beard balm? Easy peasy. Select your products within a collection that is both creative and flawlessly efficient. Choose what is good for your beard. Choose what is good for you.

Forest collection

Are you ready for an immersion into the wild? Close your eyes, smell the scent of humus and bark. Beard oil, beard balm: discover natural products that should be by your side in all your adventures.  

And campfires, venturing on unknown paths and taking a shower under a waterfall.

Altitude collection

Inhale, feel the cold, pure air on your skin, well-being in its purest form. Take care of yourself, your body and your mind with a range of beard oils and balms as soothing as they are regenerating.

Helmet and ice axe, or ski and snowboard, and let’s go! Others may stay down to earth, your mind is already at the top.

Heritage collection

Drawing on a rich inspiration of adventures and extraordinary life paths, the powerful Heritage collection celebrates masculinity in its timeless core. Resinous, sweet and warm scents restore the sense of bravery, this inspiration that goes through the ages and the irrepressible need to see bigger than life.

Extraordinary destinies.

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The best beard products and accessories

To avoid feelings of discomfort on the skin, such as tugging or itching, to get a nice healthy hair growth and shape your beard as you wish, it is essential to take care of it regularly.
Entirely dedicated to the beauty, vitality and good health of your beard and mustache, Into The Beard is the haven for all men determined to highlight this facet of their identity and masculinity. From beard oil to men’s soap, to beard balm and beard brush, each of our natural products are without preservatives and our accessories have an irreproachable level of quality.

Our signature? Raw materials and ingredients rigorously selected for their efficiency and the will to offer healthy cosmetics in an eco-friendly perspective.
Developed in the Alps, produced in France (for the beard oil, balm and brush) and in Estonia (for the beard soap), our collection of cosmetics and accessories for men reflect our constant curiosity for the world around us and our many inspirations.

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